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Center Mass Construction is an Arizona-based General Construction company specializing in Residential and Commercial remodels, additions and general tenant Improvements (TI’s). Serving the greater Phoenix and Prescott Quad-cities, we've built a solid foundation of expertise in our field.

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Areas of Expertise


1. Interior, Exterior and Landscaping

“The times they are a-changin” - Bob Dylan

On average, the majority of homeowners remodel the interior of their house every 10 years, exterior remodels can be even sooner than that and landscaping is a never ending battle. We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured General Contractors and would love to help you with your next project. We partner with only the best designers and suppliers in the industry to help provide you with the most seamless and efficient project management on your construction projects.

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2. Kitchen, Bathroom and Home Office Remodels

The kitchen is the cornerstone of any home. Whether picking out a quick snack or bringing the family together for a full meal, there are many important aspects to a kitchen. While other rooms in a home should be aesthetically pleasing, the kitchen is unique because it must also be functional. Expert planning and experience are necessary when designing a kitchen in a way that maximizes both form and function

Plumbing, electrical safety, and specialty material make the idea of a bathroom remodel seems daunting. However, our expertise allows us to select only the finest quality material, employ the safest practices, and bring it all together to give you the perfect amount of beautiful utility.

Whether you run your own business, work from home, or have students in the home, hopefully not all three, a home office is an invaluable addition to your hectic life. A designated space  that separates arduous tasks, long chapters, and cram sessions is important to accomplishing work tasks.  

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3. Commercial Tenant Improvements ( TI’s)

Owning one business is stressful enough, let alone multiple. Center Mass Construction will help make your tenant improvements (TI), a walk in the park. We are exemplary in project management and will help reduce the stress of remodeling your store front, showroom, office space or medical practice. Our primary goal is to provide an exceptional product, while sticking to strict budgets and deadlines. Allow Center Mass Construction to be your partner in your next commercial remodel. 

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