Kitchen Remodel

What many consider to be the focal point of any home, the kitchen, is also the most quickly outdated.  Let us help you create the perfect blend of aesthetics and utility that will stand the test of time.


Counter Tops

We specialize in custom countertop installation.  Contact us today to start your kitchen remodel.



Full Demolition


Full renovation

No matter the state of your current kitchen - whether the kitchen remodel is a full=scale tear down or a minor revision, Center Mass Construction can handle the job!


Bath Remodel

Bathroom renovation and remodeling projects are an exciting part of Center Mass Construction.  Whether updating or fully remodeling your bathroom, we can accommodate your construction needs.


Home Office Remodel

With emerging technologies, remote work is more possible than ever. Let us help you be more productive everyday with a home office remodel or addition. 


Home Office Addition

Center Mass Construction offers a wide range of home office remodels.  Come home from the coffee shop, step away from the noise, the angry customers, and come home to your newly-created home office. 

Home Office Renovation

If you've already made a space your own, but want to make it better, Center Mass Construction can work with you to redefine your home office to make it work for you.



Do More with a Customized Home Office

Contact Center Mass Construction to start the process of defining your space to satisfy your home office needs today!